Will you honour company contracts?

Yes. We are more than happy to discuss this possibility further. Please complete our online contact form and a representative will speak with you within one business day.

Can I pay for my transportation in cash?

While we offer an online payment service, you can also provide our drivers with cash when they arrive at your location.

How will I find my driver at the airport and what happens if a flight is delayed?

Our drivers are provided with your contact information, so they will call you and schedule a meeting point well in advance. In the event that there are issues with a flight, please supply us with its number. If we can confirm a delay, you will not be charged extra for our Barking coach hire or taxi services. 

When should I try to make a reservation?

It is best to confirm a booking at least 24 hours before the time of your journey. In the event that you desire transport in less than 24 hours, we advise you to call us in order to make certain that a vehicle is available.

I have a large group of guests arriving. Will I be charged for each person?

Whether referring to a sedan, an 8 seater or a 16 seater, we always charge by the vehicle type as opposed to the number of passengers. 

I am unable to call the company by telephone. What other contact options do I have?

You can choose to email us at bookings@poundcabs.co.uk. However, there is also an online chat feature built into our website. A representative will be happy to answer any additional concerns or queries that you may have.